a green family

Jan Ewalds saw the light of day in Tegelen in 1908. At a young age, Jan Ewalds already had green fingers and started a plant nursery as a hobby. He started selling planting material in Tegelen.

When he married Maria Doucé in 1943, the company name changed to Ewalds – Doucé.

n the years that followed, Jan also focused on gardening work for customers in addition to the nursery. With this he laid the foundations of the current Ewalds Eco Projects in the harsh years after the war.

In the meantime, a lot of work was also done on expanding the family. Like many families at the time, Jan Ewalds and Maria Doucé had many children (7).

In 1960 father Jan died and all tasks fell to mother Maria and her 7 young children


Gerdie’s florist and garden center
Eldest son Jan junior started a flower wholesaler. His brother Henk was his right-hand man and she exported trucks full of cut flowers and plants over a large part of Europe.

The 2 youngest daughters, Mariet and Gerdie, also turned out to have inherited the green fingers from father Jan.

In 1977 Gerdie married Twan Janssen and together they had sons Sjeng and Nand.

Maria worked in the business until old age and died in 1995. Gerdie took over the business in the early 1990s.

With her, a new wind blew through the business under the new name: Bloemisterij Ewalds-Doucé. She expanded the range and opened a garden center and winter garden.

Gerdie renovated the floristry and processed fresh cut flowers into bouquets every day. She also opened a second location in Belfeld, where bedding plants were grown in a large greenhouse. From here she supplied bedding plants and cut flowers to auctions and garden centers for many years.

They also sold flowers and plants at various markets in the area for years.


When Gerdie, like her father, died early in 1996, her husband Twan took over the helm from Ewalds-Doucé. Determined not to let this family business run aground, he continued the work. Gerdie’s sister Mariet arranged the daily practice in the business.

In the years that followed, the green projects were fully revived. Nand has worked in the business from his youth.


In 2004 Twan married Wendy Geraeds, a marriage with 4 children, of which the two brothers Rens and Mees also work in the family business.

In 2010 Twan decided to stop the floristry and garden center and changed the name to Boomzorg Ewalds-Doucé.
A family business that, in addition to various green projects, specializes in tree care. This requires special climbing in which Nand and Rens are supported from the ground in the trees by Twan and Mees.


When there was little to do in the global events sector from the beginning of 2020, this gave Nand the opportunity to set up Ewalds Eco Projects. A modern landscaping company that focuses on ecologically responsible landscaping work with a view to the future.

Latest update
Brother Rens has since left for Curaçao immediately after his horticultural training to gain work experience on this sunny island – just like Nand did at Hoekstra Landscapers at the time.

“For every tree we remove, we also plant one back!

In the wooded area of Venlo, we have transformed more than 10,000 m2 of agricultural land into a forest plot under our own management.
A beautiful forest is currently growing here with mainly native trees (summer oaks / beech / birch).

This green project, which was set up in 2010, is currently a beautiful piece of wild nature where the treetops rustle in the wind and flora and fauna can run their course.
In addition to the fact that we like to come there ourselves, nature also knows how to like it. You will see various native plants and crops, bees and dragonflies (and many mosquitoes), but also vipers, frogs and larger game such as wild boars and deer.””

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